Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nyah is five

Five years ago, pink came into our lives.  I had heard via my husband that we were 60/40 expecting a girl.  I didn't believe him (or the ultrasound guy that told him while I was out of the room!). I took blue to the hospital. I was wrong, she is all girl.  Favourite colour is blue, her favourite tea is hot chips.  Favourite holiday is at the Bridport house. She wants to be a "parist parist" when she grows up just like Auntie Manda (that would be an occupational therapist).  Pretend friends still abound and play dates are much loved.  This year we decided to keep it small and just had a tea party with Olivia and Lisette, full of treats that we mainly melted rather than cooked due to how dangerous it is to have the oven on at the moment with Zeke climbing everything.
She thoroughly enjoyed her day, and had calls from home as well as Thailand and Wales.  I'm not sure I even knew anyone overseas when I was five.  We treasure our princess and are thankful for all she is.  Happy birthday Nyah.  We love you.

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