Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day one, or a continuation or something

The photo is from Zeke's first day on this Earth. Today he is almost 9 months old. It has nothing to do with this post, but I just realised all my recent photos are on E's computer, so this will have to do.
Kids in Canada went back to school today. Yah. This allows us to re-establish the rhythm of full on schooling again. Due to having Zeke, summer holidays in Australia and now a second summer in Canada, school work has been, well, light. Not today though Zurg. Today we went hard. I. Am. Exhausted. I have calculated there are 70 days of school before we break for Christmas. 69 to go!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


My girl. Oh my girl! I have just spent a little while collecting supplies for her. I wasn't sure why the specific things were requested. What would she make out of small elastic bands, teeth floss and sticky tape? Well after a lot of instruction, it turns out she was making braces for her teeth, just like Caitlin's at kids church!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Waking Up

Waking up as a statement makes me think of the dreadful days following my Mum's cancer diagnosis. Every morning waking up only to be hit by the realisation that I was living in a new much darker reality. My Mum was sick, dying, and there was nothing (beyond a miracle) that would save her life here on Earth. Nausea and dread were my feelings everyday.
Now, 6 years after her death, I no longer experience these feelings. I (mostly) wake up filled with joy. Maybe it is my precious three month olds grins from the crook of my arm, or knowing I get to wake up next to my lovely husband and then spend another day living my dream with my four children. Maybe it is having a greater appreciation for life. Life is short and so precious, and I am blessed with knowing this at a younger age than many through the loss of a parent. That said, if I could trade this knowledge to have her back here, healthy and well, I would. I want to live my life awake. Knowing that I have lived, truly lived each and every day, no matter how many days I get.
Joining with

Monday, March 21, 2011


Random things about me, purely because I love reading other peoples on their blogs.

We live at the beach every summer. Traditionally we build one huge pyramid, then the kids attempt to destroy it. It is usually still there for a couple of days.
My second toe is longer than my big toe. This made pointe work miserable for me as a teen.
I always wanted 4 children. Now I have 4, I feel another couple would be just fine.
I read, alot.
I hate balloons popping.
I insert myself into stories to my kids. As in, "remember when we went to the snow".
Twice I've managed to convince my kids I had served them steak for tea, despite having not yet served them dinner at all. Then I served them eggs.
I dabble with raw food, and once made myself sick by drinking juiced watermelon rind.
I rock at giving birth. I suck at being pregnant.
My sister and I ran a small ballet school. It was so fun.
I have had the same pram for 12 years, and I still love it.
I hate purple.
I lost my Mum at 28. I feel blessed to have known her as an adult.
I currently have four incisions from surgery last week, and I'm too scared to take off the bandages.
Shoe shopping fills me with dread.

Yep, that is enough for now.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

3 Months

From this, to this :)

Ezekiel rolled today. He rolled from his front to back at 7 weeks, but today he rolled from his back to his front (much harder you know). We clapped and made a fuss. He grinned at us. Oh the love I feel for this boy. I hadn't realised he was missing from our family until he arrived. He is my hearts desire.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Letters

My baby is almost 7 weeks old.
He is lovely.
He is like a little sumo, is there anything cuter than baby arm rolls?

Ezekiel you are changing so fast. You are alert and quick to smile. You have rolled from your front to back multiple times, but I haven't managed to catch it on film. We all adore you, and the other kids fight over who gets to cuddle you on a daily basis. You love your little lamb that says prayers. You LOVE your change table. You smile and coo while we change your nappy. You are good at going to sleep, but dreadful at staying asleep. . . unless you stay in our (my) arms. You sleep from 11pm til 3am ish, and then until 6ish and then you sleep really well until you squiggle around and someone decides that you are squeaking and squirming enough to be classed as awake. Your favourite songs are Waddly Archer and Jesus loves me. Dad told me to add that you hate having a dirty nappy and that you are talented at weeing up your back. Zeke you are such a joy to us. Love you loads.

Nyah is three and a half.
Nyah you are our princess and singing and dancing star, but tonight you told us that when you grow up you wanted to be a pilot. Or at least that is what I thought you said, Dad pointed out what you actually said, was that you wanted to fly IN a plane when you grew up. Walking to the beach today you told me your favourite fruit was oranges, and favourite colour was red. Tomorrow that might be different. You are amazingly contrary, yet are also sweet as sugar when you decide to be. LV is the man. You ask him to help you rather than anyone else. That may be because he almost always says yes to you, and as you told him last night, you did ask him very nicely. All rules go out the window when LV is around. You love watching movies. Especially Hi-5 and Barbie movies. You love drinking raspberry fizzy drink and call raspberries snow berries. You are too cute for words. You love your brothers and call them "your boys". Did I mention how cute you are? You spend your days doing 'school', getting changed (leggings with shorts over the top with a singlet is the current rage.), playing with Lucy, watching movies, riding your bike, dancing, singing, and generally admiring yourself in any shiny surface. You believe all things are possible if you will it. Pools can be 'blown' up so that you can jump into it. Nothing is impossible. We have big dreams for you sweetie. Oh, and when you pray at night you call God, dog. Also cucumber is cucumumber. One night you prayed and thanked God for Jesus' birthday, I was so touched until I remembered the night before you had prayed that Daddy and I would give you a hot dog for lunch the next day!

Caleb is nine and a half.

You are a character. You are super kind, but not always to your big brother! You are really nice and caring to your younger siblings. You spend alot of time teaching Nyah how to do things like ride her bike and skateboarding. You are strong, and have spent the summer paddling either on your surfboard, or the kayaks. You adore boats, and you are proud of your skills at driving your own boat, and you are good at it too. You nag incessantly to take your boat down. You are adventuress, and anything physical is your favourite thing to do. The ripstick and biking around have also been constant this summer. You are brown as a coffee bean. You like to keep Nyah busy so I can sleep in occasionally, you are generally a really thoughtful kid. Everyone tells you you look like Dad, and you really do. You are a dreamer. the other day I asked you what you were thinking about (as you sat in complete silence early in the morning) and you explained how you were looking at the way the shadow of the camera stand was really straight while the rest of the shadows were blury. You have an eye for beauty, and often call me to observe the sun setting. I love this about you. You are inclined to be anxious. Worrying if you have had enough water to last you through the night etc. You are our dreamer, and when I see you sitting, looking out of the window, I know that your brain is working overtime. Big things are in store for you sweetheart, because you dream big.

Elijah is 11 and a half.

Elijah you are growing up so fast. In fact your arms have an inch of sunburn from how quickly you grew this summer, exposing your tender untanned skin. You like your hair longish. You love spending time with your friends. You are starting to want to take more risks. This summer you jumped from the big rock at Mermaids pool. You are impressed with yourself, and we are proud of your bravery. You love to physically challenge yourself. Loving swimming and bike riding. You also love reading, creating Youtube clips, chatting on Club Penguin, chatting to friends generally, and playing soccer. You are responsible and enjoying the independence you are growing into. We love you loads and loads. We are especially enjoying you be so tender with Ezekiel. You ever so gently do "noggin" with him. Too cute. You have just been to summer camp with Sam. You rang me one afternoon, apologising that you hadn't called us before, because you chose to be baptised. You knew we would have wished we could have witnessed it, which we would have, but we are just so proud that you have chosen to take this next step. We love you lots and lots, but promise to only hi five you in public!