Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life is a Precious Gift

Last post I had titled "Life", it captured my thankfulness of moments and specifically people in my life.  Today I'm going to write about life again. This time about my belief in the sanctity of life.  I am angry.  So very angry.  My home state of Tasmania is currently in the throes of decriminalising abortion.  The media has not reported on the silent vigil carried out by 400 people yesterday in Hobart.  This morning the local media did report that the Bill passed in the Lower House, complete with a picture of a cluster of cells.  The Bill started out giving women the right to abort without counselling up to 24 weeks, now it is 16 with the possibility of 20 weeks.  At either of these ages, the fetus is not a cluster of cells.
This same Bill also makes it punishable for a doctor to refuse to refer any request for an abortion.  Punishable to the tune of many thousands of dollars.  This Bill has many problems, and is being pushed through under the false premise that it is needlessly offending some people's sensibilities!  Killing babies offends my sensibilities,  and it should.  Yesterday we mourned three people killed in Boston.   Of course we did.  A complete tragedy with a needless loss of life.  Life is sacred.  Killing people is not ok.  Babies are people.  At what stage?  As for me, I believe from conception.  I know not all agree, but the Bill isn't even addressing this.
I do not condemn any women who have had an abortion, or the men involved.  I have complete compassion for them.  They have been robbed, and while some move on, many, many do not.  How much is fear playing a role in their decisions?  Fear that this will change their life, fear that something is wrong with their child, fear that they will shame their families, fear they wont be able to cope?
Please politicians, give women a real choice.  Educate them so they don't have the "problem" of an unwanted pregnancy.  Support the almost now unheard of option of adoption.  The conclusions this Bill has drawn is based on so much that has gone wrong with our society.  Please please stand up for the weakest, most vulnerable in our society.  Please.

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