Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My boys have been working well during our school time lately. As a committed rebel against routine girl, I change how we do things fairly routinely (ha). At the moment I prepare a school work list that the boys work through. For now it is working beautifully, and has freed me up to spend a little time doing pre-school activities that were common place when the boys were little but have become rare since I changed my focus to survival and attempting to limit mess rather than constantly cleaning up after my mini crowd. So it is time to re-introduce a bit of creative mess into Nyah's experience. I sprayed shaving cream out onto the table in the shape of her name, she asked was it yummy; a girl after my own heart, always ready to try something new. I explained that it was soap, "ah, soap" said with a knowing smile, and we got to playing. You know those boys that I mentioned are working so hard all on their own? Hmm, sudsy fun was calling them, and I am so glad I said yes they could join in. It was a chance to reminisce about them being pre-schoolers and all the fun crafty things I used to do with them. Priscilla Shirer gave a talk at Colour where she mentioned a sweet older ladies comment not to blink or she would miss her children's childhood season. I have had my fair share of "please God, let me blink through this part" moments, but this was not one of them. Yep, she LOVED it.

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