Monday, March 21, 2011


Random things about me, purely because I love reading other peoples on their blogs.

We live at the beach every summer. Traditionally we build one huge pyramid, then the kids attempt to destroy it. It is usually still there for a couple of days.
My second toe is longer than my big toe. This made pointe work miserable for me as a teen.
I always wanted 4 children. Now I have 4, I feel another couple would be just fine.
I read, alot.
I hate balloons popping.
I insert myself into stories to my kids. As in, "remember when we went to the snow".
Twice I've managed to convince my kids I had served them steak for tea, despite having not yet served them dinner at all. Then I served them eggs.
I dabble with raw food, and once made myself sick by drinking juiced watermelon rind.
I rock at giving birth. I suck at being pregnant.
My sister and I ran a small ballet school. It was so fun.
I have had the same pram for 12 years, and I still love it.
I hate purple.
I lost my Mum at 28. I feel blessed to have known her as an adult.
I currently have four incisions from surgery last week, and I'm too scared to take off the bandages.
Shoe shopping fills me with dread.

Yep, that is enough for now.

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