Sunday, April 3, 2011


My girl. Oh my girl! I have just spent a little while collecting supplies for her. I wasn't sure why the specific things were requested. What would she make out of small elastic bands, teeth floss and sticky tape? Well after a lot of instruction, it turns out she was making braces for her teeth, just like Caitlin's at kids church!


  1. At least she didn't use the unbent paper-clip like we used to do. I can only imagine how those puppies scratched up our enamel! (Eeek!)

    ps- Would you please come and cook for me every week? Your dinner suggestion sounded A-Mazing!

  2. love her innovation. your gal is going to have one heck of a straight smile.

  3. Wow, comments! Just discovered them. Thankyou. These are the first and only :) Perhaps now I will have to post some of the drafts I have saved :)